Matilda Radge


Matilda Radge is a professional musician who has been making music since the year 1997. She is the owner of Abraham Records Recording and Production Studio business.  She is a composer, a songwriter, lyricist and a record producer who is specialized in vocal production, a professionally trained vocalist, a Pop vocal coach, a Voice-Over artiste and a cartoon voice artiste. Matilda is one of the few successful female record producers in Malaysia with number 1 hits. 

Videos of Matilda Radge's Music Works

Song: Tuhan Gembalaku

Album: Be Thou My Vision

Artiste: Matilda Radge

Produced by Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

Song: Let No Man Put Asunder ( The Wedding Song)

Album: Be Thou My Vision

Artiste: Matilda Radge feat. Patrick Leong

Composed, Written & Produced by Matilda Radge

Song: Love In The Sky (Single)

Ariste: Matilda Radge

Composed by Boy Radge

Words by Matilda Radge

Song: Kathal Mazhai

Ariste: Aanantha feat. Matilda Radge

Composed by Boy Radge

Lyrics and Vocal Arragement by Matilda Radge

Song: Yetho Oru Parvai

Artistes: Dhilip Varman & Matilda Radge

OST: Ivanthaandaa Hero

Produced by: Boy Radge

Song: Jokkaneh Figureh

Artiste: D&P feat. Matilda Radge

Produced by Boy Radge & Matilda Radge

Vocal Production: Matilda Radge

Lyrics: Puvan & Matilda Radge

Song: Indru Vaazhnthidalaam (Let Love Take Over)

Artiste: Hashmitha Selvam

Produced by: Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

Vocal Production & Song Concept: Matilda Radge

Lyrics: Vikki Subbo & Matilda Radge

Song: Jom Botak Theme Song

Composed and Produced by: Boy Radge & Matilda Radge

Vocal Production: Matilda Radge

Song: Ithu Kathal Enbatha

Artistes: D&P

Produced by Boy Radge & Matilda Radge

Vocal Production: Matilda Radge

Song: Sollamal Pogumbothey

Artiste: Arivananthan

Vocal Production: Matilda Radge

          Song: You And I (OST Tiga Campur Dua Malay Sitcom)

        Artiste: Kashika Selvam

        Composition: Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

        Malay Lyrics & Vocal Production: Matilda Radge   

        Song: Friendship Paatu (Tamil Version)

        Artiste: Kashika Selvam

        Composition: Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

        Lyrics (English), Vocal Production: Matilda Radge   

        Song: Ewah! (Bilingual - Tamil & Malay)

        Artiste: Reena Nicky

        Composition: Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

        Lyrics & Vocal Production: Matilda Radge   

        Song: Istimewa (Malay)

        Artiste: Reena Nicky

        Composition: Matilda Radge & Boy Radge

        Lyrics & Vocal Production: Matilda Radge   

Personal Background

This 38+ years old Malaysian Indian lady who is born to parents, Dr. V. Thevarajulu (PJM) a retired preacher who is an established Tamil author / writer / poet, and Mrs. N. Thevarajulu a graduate,
a businesswoman and a philanthropist. Matilda is formally educated in Psychology (Bsc.), Human Resources Management (Adv Dip) and is professionally trained in Pop Vocals.

Matilda started singing since she was a child. She started her musical journey in her teens by getting  trained in Pop Vocals. She sought after the best vocal coach in town. Her coach had been trained in the United Kingdom. She took musical influences from great artistes like Whitney Houston, Tina Arena, etc..She also served as the gospel worship leader and the head of the music department in her church.

Music Career

At the age of 18, She started her professional career in music by recording for Dell’s corporate theme song in Fame Productions, Penang. Soon, she was getting frequent invitations from the studio to lend her voice in various recordings. Though she was still a college student, she started writing and recording songs in various languages like Malay, English and Tamil. She involved in many projects like singing back ups for albums, radio jingles/ads, local tele-movies and government projects. For most of the projects, she served as a ghost writer in the studio. She composed and wrote Tamil gospel songs, Iruthi Poraattam & Karthar Yesu for special events as well.

In 2005 at the age of 25, she got married to Boy Radge (P.P.T), an award winning music director and moved to Kuala Lumpur and opened a recording studio business together with him. She simultaneously runs her studio and continues her creative works till date.

Besides having her expertise as a professional vocalist, she is a Voice Over Artiste who lends her vocals to radio ads, TV program montages, online web education programs, elevator systems and etc. One would have heard her voice in radio-station. Other areas would be corporate building elevators such as Tenaga National Berhad, MS Elevators and mobile phone ringtone services like Planet Mobile.

Being a versatile singer and speaker, a very interesting skill she has is her talent in recording for children cartoons. She is admired for the skillful and unique voices she brings out in her characters in cartoons such as, Mac & Ted, Colourful voices, Little Red Riding Hood, and Bruce The Blue Bear. She is capable of mimicking a small child, an old woman or even as a male. Another two additions to her many artistic talents, Matilda is a lyricist and a script translator. Her proficiency in speaking different languages has indeed become an advantage to her career.

Not only does she write songs in Tamil and English, she also writes malay songs for tele-movies. One example would be the Malay telemovie, Dekat Padamu. She wrote songs and sang for Malay movie, Bisikan Remaja. She also translates corporate video scripts for companies like, Renesas Semiconductor,Cargo Cats, Skoolive Productions, Langkawi Ferry Services and Silver Resort Sdn. Bhd.

Being the owner of Abraham Records recording studio, she produces records for new talented artistes and involves only in hand picked projects. Any music project she involves in, gets a midas touch. Puriyathe, a song that she featured in for the album Ethirpaarkiren received a long and active radio airplay. The song that she duetted with Dhilip Varman, Yetho Oru Parvai for Ivanthaanda Hero movie was widely spoken about by so many of her fans.

In 2009, Thr Raaga specially assigned Matilda and Boy Radge to produce their theme song for Raaga Awards. Matilda worked with all the deejays, vocally coached them in singing and recorded them for the song. The song was performed in the mega event and was telecasted. The song production received rave reviews from radio listeners. Besides producing the song, she also did the voice-overs for the event.

In 2010, she and Boy Radge won a VIMA award under the Best Genre Bender category for producing a youthful Tamil single, Jokkaneh Figureh for artistes D&P. The song won despite being nominated together with English and Malay songs. The song was also judged by a non-Indian jury team. Besides being the producer, she featured herself in the song as a guest artiste and showed her powerful vocals in hitting high whistle notes using Arabic scales and vocal styling. The song received tremendous airplay on the radio as well.

Later in the same year, Matilda was invited to join the panel of judges for the famous television program, Astro Vaanavil Superstar 2010 for Bronze category. She co-judged the show with the well known Indian cinema singer, Prassanna.

In October 2010, she released her English gospel album, Be Thou My Vision. She took one year to complete it. The album received very well. Francissca Peter and Patrick Leong were featured as Matilda's guest artistes in it.

Though it was based on a gospel genre, many non-Christians had purchased the album for listening pleasure and European foreigners have given rave reviews about the international technical quality of vocals and music in the album production.

In August 2011, she contributed her voice in Digi Oli Peruvom charity song Video dedicated to Tamil schools. Besides that she was busy promoting her gospel album. Also, she vocal produced a number one Tamil hit song on THR Raaga, Sollamal Pogumbothey for new artiste Arivananthan.

In the year 2012, she took some time off. She produced the hit single, Indru Vaaznthidalaam (Let Love Take Over) for a new teenage female artiste Hashmitha Selvam. The debut song became a number one top hit on THR Raaga for an accumulation of four weeks. Hashmitha also won the Malaysian Indian Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) award in 2014 for best female vocals category. 

She also co-composed and vocal produced a grand multi-lingual thematic song for Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) for Campaign Jom Botak. She vocal produced artistes like Atilia, Farhan, Iqwal, Datin Manimala and MK. She was a part of the music video as well. In the same year, she recorded jingles for Sunquik, Olympia college & Bona Ghee for music director Jay Nathan. She also recorded for a children's project. Also, she recorded background vocals for a foreign Punjabi movie from India.

She has been invited by a number of times. First as an artiste, second time as a guest, speaking on professional singing and third time to promote her single Love In The Sky. She also gave  interviews on together with other artistes. One to promote Jom Botak song and another one for Merdeka special.

In 2014, She produced a wedding song for a couple titled Vennilavil Kanden. She recorded backing vocals for a Hindi song for artistes Goldkartz which was released in UK and India. Besides that, she contributed her vocals for two of's Mannin Mainthargal program teasers titled, Mannin Natchatiram. Music and composition by Boy Radge. On March 2014, she together with Boy Radge were invited to be guests on a Tamil music TV magazine for RTM. On May, the couple made a short special appearance in an upcoming Tamil movie Vivagaratthu set for cinema release. In July, she together with another two artistes were invited to speak on Pop singing in The complete interview was aired for two weeks. After that Astro Vanavil's 360 Degrees Tamil magazine program featured her in an interview on the same topic. Soon after, she was invited to be a judge for the semi-finals of a local singing competition, Padavaralaam. Her English single, Love In The Sky was released and played in 2014 in as well. She was invited as a guest artiste for interview on Later she co-composed and produced a single which were recorded in two languages for child artiste Kashika. The single (bilingual - Tamil & English) is titled Friendship Paatu, the Malay version is titled You & I. While the Tamil version was played on THR Raaga and, the Malay version was played actively on Astro Ceria channel and on telemovie Puasa Oh Puasa and weekly sitcom, Tiga Campur Dua. The Malay version has become a big hit and is recognized by Malay fans and listeners. Kathal Mazhai, an Tamil song that she featured in and wrote the lyrics was received well by the listeners of THR Raaga. 

Matilda is currently writing and producing Malay songs. Also currently she is involved in a children's app project. Besides that, she is set to release new singles in various languages. Both her Tamil and Malay composition for artiste Reena Nicky has gone number 1 in charts for weeks in the local Tamil and Malay radios. 

Being a vocal producer and having extensive knowledge in singing, Matilda gives professional vocal coaching as well. She also writes and gives vocal health advice in a Facebook page titled, "Vocal Health by Matilda Radge." Besides music, Matilda is passionate about health and nutrition. She shares news and infos on this subject on a Facebook page titled, Health And Nutrition With Matilda Radge. Besides that, she loves reading, learning and communicating with people. She also loves Psychology and Theology. Having been educated in Psychology and and Human Resources Management, great communication is one of Matilda's personal assets. She gives counselling on relationships and marriage to women and young couples. She also preaches in churches when invited. 

Matilda lives by very strict principles when it comes to music business. Known as a perfectionist at work, She believes in educated talent in music, hard work, quality and high standards. She loves doing what she passionately knows best. Singing, songwriting, recording, record producing for artistes, vocal coaching and just everything that has to do with professional vocals and meticulous music.

She also believes that with hard work, dreams and achievements are borderless and learning never ends. Besides her venture in music production, she hopes to spread her wings into new sides of arts which she is passionate about. 

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