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Rate Card

Song Production
    1. Recording / Tracking / Editing
    2. Music Arrangement Only
    3. Music Arrangement & Composition
    4. Lyrics
    5. Back-up Singers
    6. Sessionist
    7. Mixing and Mastering

TV Commercials / Jingles
    • Original Music Composition
    (Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering)

    1. 10 Seconds
    2. 20 Seconds
    3. 30 Seconds

    • Stock / Library Music
    (Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering)

    1. 10 - 30 Seconds

    • Studio Time with In-House Engineer

    1. Recording and Editing
    2. Mixing and Mastering  (Music provided by Client)

    *Prices exclude;
    1. Singers
    2. Voice Over Talent
    3. Lyrics / Script


    RM4000 - RM6000
    RM5000 - RM10000

    RM 500 - RM1000

    RM 150 / hour
    RM 400 - 600

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Please call us to discuss your project so we will be able to quote the best price possible. Thank you.

Terms and Condition:

A 60 percent of deposit is due before commencement of any project.

Balance of the project is due at completion of last session.

Cd/Digital masters will not be supplied until final payment is received.

Cd/Digital Masters will be supplied after Cheque is cashed in to our studio's account.

Deposits will only be refunded if seven days notice is given prior to commencement.

Important notice:

Materials and content storage at Abraham Records' Recording Studio is provided for client convenience only. Abraham Records' Recording Studio assumes no risk and makes no guarantee for the safety of client materials in production or storage, or for the contents of materials prepared for the client. All risk for the safety of materials, contents and delivery, including loss or destruction, are assumed by and are solely the responsibility of the client. Client materials left for more than one year will be discarded.