Vima 2011 Music Director & Producer of the Year

Boy Radge announced as VIMA 2011 Music Director & Producer of the Year

Boy Radge and Matilda Radge

Boy Radge has been announced as the recipient of VIMA 2011’s Music Director & Producer of The Year. He follows in the footsteps of previous winners, Yuri Wong (2010) and D Navigator& Malique (2009) in claiming one of VIMA’s highest honor

“We have been observing and monitoring Boy Radge for 4 years now, and his talent transcends  superlatives for the quality of work he has generated for local and international musicians. He has that rare gift of creating songs with a difference and often experiments with all forms of beats and genres to bring out the best of the musicians he works with. He is without doubt one of the greatest producers and music directors in the history of Malaysian music and its high time he receives the respect and accolade he truly deserves.” said Siva “Zaphod” Chandran, founder of VIMA music awards and COO of Saintz & Sinnerz.

A stunned Boy Radge had this to say when we contacted him:

“I’m very happy and I’m still in shock. I feel overwhelmed and honored by this achievement. I would like to thank God for this blessing and thank VIMA 2011 for bestowing me this huge honor. Feeling extremely grateful.” – Boy Radge.

Surj from Goldkartz had this to say on Facebook

He is undoubtedly the best!! and he truly deserves it!! Proud of u bro! Many more awards to come!!! Bruahhhh! :D ”

Jeevan R. Menon on Boy Radge:

I think VIMA hit the bullseye on this one. Boy Radge for Music Director & Producer of the Year.

Boy and I go back a long time. Back to the days when my mom was still very much active in her music career. I remember when he was still based in Penang and I would be chilling with him behind the board while my mom was in the recording booth. I must say that I got my first real experience of music producing with Boy. I’ve learnt so much from this man. All my programming skills, the way I sequence my music, all of it I picked up from him and that is the truth; just years and years of sitting next to him and watching. I’ve never felt more comfortable recording with any other producer. I thought of it then & I still stick by it. I think every artist needs that 1 person behind the board who can bring the best out of them. I found mine in Boy. I would personally like to congratulate Boy for receiving this award & Boy, thanks for constantly being there for me and for being a great servant to music. Next up, the Grammys perhaps? ”

Jeevan R. Menon

This year, he shares credit for his work with Goldkartz and is nominated for the songs Bebaskan Hatimu (featuring Awie) and also Rock with you (with Shankar Mahadevan) . Full nominees of VIMA 2011

Boy Radge brought something different to Goldkartz latest album

Congratulations on receiving this prestigious and much-deserved award! You are an outstanding musician and person. I am very glad that VIMA recognizes the immense value of your work. Wishing you many more laurels in the years to come. – Ananda Kumar (Fan)

You truly deserve the success, and with such efforts you are sure to earn more. Keep up the good work. Congratulations brother!! – Saraswathy ParamKrishna. (Fan)

Congratulations!!! It’s a well deserved award for such a multi talented person – Fernando Ignatius (Fan)

Warmest congratulations!! Your music is amazing. Captures our heart in a single listen and makes us to keep listening. My hearty wishes to Boy Radge. More too see in future. May you receive God’s grace. Kepp rocking!.. We all love you and your music. Give us more.. – Geetha Devathas (Fan)

You did it!!! God uses you as His instrument to spread His love through his music, you’re a cut above the others..and ma sister Matilda has been his pillar all these days throughout his music journey!..God bless you both and your efforts in upcoming projects. I truly admire u both. – Janett David (Fan)

Radge I’m so glad that your work and passion in music has finally been recognized and duly rewarded. You have been a tremendous blessing and I’ve enjoyed working with you. You made all my recording sessions memorable and I can think of no better person to work with than you. You deserve this accolade and I truly believe God has great plans for you as a major influencer and trailblazer in the music industry. I’m happy and am proud of you. God bless!! – Elena Koshy (Gospel Recording Artiste)

A truly remarkable and talented person, he really deserves this award and definitely many more to come, congratulations Bro!! – Ballu B. (Record Producer & Artiste)

A truly hidden gem polished and refined! His sound (pun intended) ability to translate words from scripts and our clients’ moods into pleasing music to all our ears enhances the impact of their corporate themed videos. Keep up the great talent. Here’s wishing you well and many many more awards to come. - 
Adrian Wong (Splices Creative)

Congratulations from Hashmitha’s Family. With God’s blessings he will receive more and more awards. – Mr. Selvam (Recording Artiste Hashmitha)

Congratulations to you and Boy Radge, very proud of this achievement n another milestones to reach the global award. – Jag Rao (CEO & Founder of Agenda Suria Communications Sdn Bhd.)

Its well-deserved! Congrats brother and congrats Matilda for being there with him throughout his journey.. Sushma Radhakrishnan (Recording Artiste)

Your composing and arranging style is refreshingly creative, capable of delivering new and exciting music. I personally love all your compositions with the high quality music. We are all so proud and lucky to have such a professional person in our music industry. Congratulations!! You’re the best, brother! Love and respect Danny Kumar –