Boy Radge

Childhood and Involvement in Music.

Formal Music Education:Organ training in Yamaha Music School (Starting from age 9) Formal education in Sound Engineering.

He was actively involved in public performances from a very young age, he started at the age of 13 and continued till the age of 24.

Began Music Sequencing / Programming at the age of 14.

(One of the early pioneers in the computerized music programming in the country).

Due to the excellent quality of his music and performance, his Indian band was hailed as number one in Penang for many years.

Profession Title:

Music Director, Music Producer, Composer, Music Arranger, Mixing & Mastering Engineer.

Job Description:

Album production (English / Malay / Tamil / Chinese), single production, Documentary BGM, TV montage music, corporate videos, jingles, etc.

Music Experience:

29 Years.

Personal Principles on Profession:

Boy Radge does not work on any music works that is connected to vulgarity, black metal, alcohol, drugs, dissing, club music, politics & religion.

Music Education and the beginning of his Career

Joined Fame Productions (School of Music Engineering and Recording Studio) at the age of 17.Studied Sound Engineering education there.

His lecturer and the owner of Fame Productions Mr. Mark Andrew Lim was impressed with his student's potential in professional music making when he discovered Radge's professional talent.

Eventually, Radge was hired in as the studio's music arranger.

Soon after, he was promoted to be the main music arranger and assistant recording engineer for 2 years. Became the Chief Music and Production Engineer, He was fully in charge of all music productions by then. He worked there till year 2003. During this period, his talent started gaining appreciation in overseas for creating the best music arrangements. His gospel album production for an independant artiste topped the chart at no 1.

Music Influences

Chic Corea, Herbie Handcock, Mezzoforte, Michael Jackson, Maestro Illayaraja & A R Rahman.


1. Chinese Song Composition Competition (Worldwide) held in Taiwan - Best Arrangement 2002.

2. Pesta Music 2002 - Best Live Performance

3. Anugerah Sri Angkasa 2007 - Best Signature ID - Minnal FM

4. Two awards won - Anugerah Industri Music (AIM) 2009

Best song - Ethirpaarkiren

Best Album - Ethirpaarkiren

5. VIMA Awards for Jokkaneh Figureh (Best Genre Bender) 2010

6. Best Audio Production for documentary, Eco-Tourism (RTM)

No 1 Radio Hits by Boy Radge

1. Naana Neeya Single - 2006 (THR RAAGA)

2. Ivanthaanda Hero Movie Soundrack - 2008 (THR RAAGA)

3. Ethirpaarkiren single - 2008 (THR RAAGA)

4. Kaatheleh Song - 2009 (THR RAAGA)

5. 70's Penne - 2010 (THR RAAGA)

6. Sollamal Pogambothey - 2011 (THR RAAGA)

7. Hey Soniye - 2012 (THR RAAGA)

8. Indru Vaazhnthidalaam - 2013 (THR RAAGA)

9. Santhosham - 2015 (THR RAAGA)

8. Indru Vaazhnthidalaam - 2013 (THR RAAGA)

9. Santhosham - 2015 (THR RAAGA)

10. Ariyaamal - 2015 (MINNAL.FM)

11. Ewah! - 2016 (MINNAL.FM, SABAH.FM)

12. Uyire Unakaaga - 2017 (MINNAL.FM)

13. Come'Aachi - 2017 (THR RAAGA)

14. Istimewa - 2017 (Terengganu FM)

Launching his Career in the KL city

When Fame Productions ceased it's operations, he spread his wings and launched his career in

Kuala Lumpur.

Did a complete set-up for a professional recording studio in Klang. Served as a free lancer in the studio for 1 and a half years. He garnered an opportunity to arrange music dedicated to Tun Dr. Mahathir on Malam-Puisi Putrajaya, an event held by the Prime Minister's department. It was broadcasted live on RTM and the song was performed by artiste Aishah.

Fame Studio was born in the year of 2005 with Matilda Radge as the financial investor and business partner. The studio was named in commemoration of his old music school and work place. Soon, prospective clients whom had heard about his fame in Penang and his gifted talent started visiting the studio and requesting his professional services.

Not long after that, his music arrangement won an Anugerah Angkasa Muzik award for Minnal fm signature ID for the year 2005.

Work, Experience and Personality

Having 29 years of experience in music and audio productions, today he is one of the most sought after

Music Directors in the country. He has worked on more than 1,000 projects to date. He is well known for his gentle and amiable personality, flexible working style and his ability to adapt and work with any kind of clients. His clients love working with him and always come back to collaborate and work with him. He is a busy and a well sought after musician and a mixing and mastering engineer.

He has worked with both international and local artistes like Shankar Mahadevan,

Sadhana Sargam, Awie, Atilia, Francissca Peter, David Arumugam, Aishah, Goldkartz, Farhan, Iqwal, Reena Nicky, etc.

A notable project he has worked on is mastering Maestro Illayaraja's instrumental album,

The Music Messiah.

What has made him thrive and become successful in the industry?

His commitment in giving his clients his best, and giving more than what is required regardless of the importance or the size of the project he accepts.